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We came into existence as a result of a ten year applied development project known as the Decision Analysis Initiative (DAI) which ran from 2010 to 2020 to develop a new standard in project cycle and portfolio management. The DAI was established by the George Boole Foundation Limited a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of beneficial information management systems. The background justification for the DAI activities are set out in the section entitled "Why SDGToolkit?"

The DAI consisted of the work of an international systems team whose make-up changed over the decade of work but involving practitioners in project identification and design, management and evaluation, natural resources economics, agricultural research, environmental sciences, bioclimatology, ecology, decision analysis, systems engineering and information technology. The participation of sector stakeholders were an important component of this work based on their practical experience and valuable contributions to the shaping of our solutions.

The systems team professional experience lay largely in a range of professional assignments carried out for major international agencies and private corporations.

The core organizations that supported the specification, implementation and prototype testing DAI over the 10 year period were OQSI-Open Quality Standards Initiative (OQSI) established in 2010 and SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab established in 1983. The OQSI was responsible for the development of a new family of due diligence procedures considered to be essential for improved standards in professional project design and management of project cycles. SEEL is a decision analysis information technology leader with an established track record of over 35 years designing and implementing analytical tools. Since 2010 SEEL provided the cloud-based prototyping and tests for analytical tools specified by OQSI and which support all procedures and methods. On the side of professional training requirements of users of the system, STRIDES Foundation provided important input and technical contributions were made by Nakhalatec.se the Swedish economic development company with specific expertise in tropical agriculture, genetics and leading edge low carbon production systems.

1  The UN Sustainable Development Goals initiative was launched in 2015 and these consist of some 17 development goals and over 232 target indicators for over 190 countries to be achieved by 2030.
2  Due Diligence Design Procedures, or 3DP, are a set of essential steps in project design to ensure that all critical factors are taken into account. They were established by the Open Quality Standards Initiative (OQSI) in 2018 as recommendation OQSI:3DP/1 (2018). 3DP is a step by step procedure covering gaps, needs and constraints analysis and the identification of a feasibility envelope which bounds a basic feasible project solution. The optimization of this solution minimizes likely costs and maximizes output volume and quality while reducing the risks of implementation.
3  Decision Analysis evolved as an applied discipline in the 1960s based on logical mathematical determinate models developed by the Decision Analysis Group at Stanford Research Institute and Stanford University. The lead developer is Ronald Howard of Stanford University.

Organizations supported by members of the systems team

which The systems team past professional work associations The range of experience of the DAI systems team professional experience lies largely in a range of professional assignments carried out for major international agencies and private corporations including:

Food and Agriculture OrganizationInternational Coffee OrganizationWorld Bank
Convention on Biodiversity European AidG7-Rainforest Trust Fund
Information Technology & Telecommunications Task Force, EU
UK Know how FundUK Department for International DevelopmentSwedish International Development Agency
Ministry of Planning of the Government of Brazil Remote Sensing Unit, CNAEDepartment of Employment of the Government of the UK
Brazilian Institute of CoffeeBrazilian Institute of Geography & StatisticsSão Paulo Institute of Forestry
FEEMASuperintendency for Environment & Natural ResourcesNatural Resources Coordination Centre São Paulo
SUPRENInstitute of Geology, São PauloINCAJU
IIAMMinistry of Agriculture, HungarySME Development Foundation, Hungary
Manpower Services CommissionSecretariate of Agriculture, MaranhãoMinistry for Trade and Economic Relations, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Ministry of Agriculture, RomaniaMinistry of Agriculture, TanzaniaInter-University Council, Uganda
Ministry of Agriculture, MozambiqueMinistry of Agriculture, MacedoniaSUDENE
Federal University of Rio de JaneiroUniversity of StanfordUniversity of Campinas
AgroInfoSysTiszai CsoportECRE
Agricultural Development Foundation
AquionINTERCOMEXMars (electronics)
Brooke Bond LiebigTouche RossTranstec
GlobeCoopers & LybrandScottish United Investors
Foreign and ColonialGeneral Technology SystemsPROGNOS
PanonianSoft HorizonsWalter Clifford
COBECINTERBRASAdvanced Silicon Compilers
EMBRASMAPROSPEC, PetropolisHawker Siddeley Dynamics
British Aircraft CorporationJoão Prado Estates, BahiaBEM-Brazilian Estates Management